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Penis Enlargement

Why is penis enlargement surgery preferred?

One of the most important problems for men is the length, thickness and functionality of the penis. Today, men may complain of various deformities, thinness and curvatures in their penis and therefore they prefer penile aesthetic surgery. In the penis due to many reasons; penile lengthening surgery, penile thickening surgery can be performed.

How Much Is A Normal Penis Size?

The length of a penis that has not yet been erected can be 5-8 cm. When the penis becomes erect, it grows in length and width, there is an increase in volume and elongation in the length. In an erect state, a normal penis reaches an average of 13-15 cm in length. In this case, penises below (11-12 cm) can be considered short according to the patient’s request and can be considered as candidates for penis enlargement. The thickness of the penis may differ from person to person.

How Are Penis Lengthening Surgeries Performed?

In penis lengthening surgeries in our clinic, the superficial and suspensory ligaments of the penis are loosened and the invisible part of the penis is brought out. In the method we apply; An elongation is achieved by revealing the normally present but invisible part of the penis. This elongation state manifests itself both in the deflated state of the penis and in the erection state. This method of penis lengthening surgery, which I prefer, is one of the most up-to-date and patient satisfaction methods applied in the world. It does not cause any loss of erection, sensation or sensation in the penis. In fact, the process we do is the process of advancing the tissue remaining inside the penis to the outside. As a result, a maximum net elongation of 3-4 cm is achieved in the penis.

The thickening process of the penis is provided by injecting the fat tissue taken from the patient himself into the penis. Fats are removed by liposuction technique. There is no obvious scar in the area where the fat is taken. Often the waist region or the inner thighs of the legs are preferred areas for fat removal.

What should be the form of anesthesia in penile lengthening and thickening surgeries?

Penis surgeries can be performed with local anesthesia + sedation anesthesia technique. In this way, the patient can go home after resting in the hospital for a short time after the operation, without being put to sleep with general anesthesia and without feeling any pain during the operation. In some cases, general anesthesia is preferred, especially if liposuction is planned on the upper part of the penis root.


After the procedure, our patients are required to practice sexual abstinence for 1 month.

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