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What is cliteroplasty?

The clitoris is a bulge in the upper junction of both labia, just above the urinary canal. Sometimes, if it is larger than necessary, it can cause a feeling of discomfort and a lack of self-confidence in women. Excess tissue is surgically removed, the remaining part is sutured using dissolving sutures. Cliteroplasty surgery can sometimes be combined with labiaplasty aesthetics.

The clitoris, which has an important role together with the G-spot for women to reach an orgasm, is a region in the upper part of the vaginal opening and a junction point of thousands of nerve endings.

The clitoris whose main function is to get sexual pleasure and reach an orgasm is covered with skin. The skins surrounding the clitoris may be larger and more sagging than usual in some women. The clitoral abnormalities affect women’s sexual satisfaction and cause them to feel uncomfortable aesthetically.

During cliteroplasy, which can be performed with genital aesthetic surgery such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty, the skin deformations on the clitoris are corrected, but excess skins are removed and the clitoris appearance is improved to make it possible to stimulate easier.

How To Perform Cliteroplasty?

Local anesthesia is usually administered to the patient during cliteroplasty with a short duration. The patient can return to her daily life two or three days after the operation; she should expect to recover completely to have a sexual intercourse.

During cliteroplasty also known as Clitoral Hoodoplasty, excess skin around the clitoris is removed and the clitoris appearance is improved. It must be taken into consideration that the functions of the clitoris are not damaged during this procedure. “Cliteroplasty” in which only excess skin around the clitoris needs to be removed without interfering with the clitoris tissue should be performed by doctors who are specialists in their field and have comprehensive knowledge of clitoral anatomy.

Advantages of Cliteroplasty

 After cliteroplasty, the external genital region, i.e. vulva, appearance of women is improved. In addition, it provides both the clitoris to be further stimulated before and after sexual intercourse, and women with anorgasmia to reach sexual pleasure easier. Cliteroplasty, which can be performed alone or in combination with labiaplasty and vaginoplasty, responds to cosmetic and functional expectations.

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