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Plastic Surgery

Prosthetic (prosthesis) Dental Treatment

What is prosthetic (prosthesis) dental treatment?

It aims to restore the lost esthetics, phonation and function to the patient by reconstructing the lost teeth and surrounding tissues in the mouth.


What are the Treatment Options in Prosthetic Dentistry?


Fixed Dentures: In teeth that do not have adequate dental tissue support and have material loss that cannot be restored with filling material, inlay, onlay restorations that cover a part of the tooth or crown restoration can be performed by reducing the entire tooth, depending on the extent of the tissue loss. In cases where one or more teeth are missing, the prostheses are bridge prostheses, in which the teeth on both sides of the gap are reduced and used as support. Changes in people’s social lives, advancing technology in dentistry and developments in prosthetic treatments have increased the aesthetic and functional expectations of patients and raised their living standards. Especially with the increase in aesthetic expectations, metal alloys used in infrastructure have been replaced by superior aesthetic and biocompatible materials.

Zirconium Restorations: They are highly resistant, biocompatible, durable and aesthetic restorations. The fact that zirconium oxide is a material close to natural tooth color and is at least as resistant to forces has made the use of zirconium ceramics in fixed and implant-supported prostheses widespread.

Empress crowns; They are restorations with high aesthetic properties, consisting entirely of ceramic, with increased durability and very good light transmittance, without the use of infrastructure material such as metal or zirconium oxide.

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