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Breast Reduction Surgery

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is the removal of the skin-mesh gland tissue that causes weight and sagging from the breast and the remaining breast is shaped more vertically and aesthetically.


In which cases where breast reduction surgery is performed?

It is made to female patients who have completed the development of breast development and complain about the size of the breast that does not have a risky mass in her breast. Breast reduction surgery can also be performed in men with feminine breast tissue development.


Frequently asked questions about breast reduction surgery

Will there be a mark on breast reduction surgery?

As with any surgery containing incisions, breast reduction surgery is a trace surgery. The marks in the early period after breast reduction surgery can be darker and more pronounced. Within 6-12 months after breast reduction surgery, the traces of surgery will become quite faded and close to the skin color. The trace of breast reduction surgery may be too faint in some patients.


How to perform breast reduction surgery? Which methods are applied?

How to perform breast reduction surgery? The question is one of the most curious subjects. When the breast reduction surgery is performed, the basic steps are to move the drooping nipple to a higher point, if necessary, to crumble the nipple, to remove the excess skin-breast tissue and to shape the remaining tissue as aesthetically. Here, the marks vary according to the moving of the nipple and the tissue removal method. The most common trace is a circular trail around the nipple and a vertical trail that goes down to the new curvature of the nipple starting from that track. If the amount of breast tissue is too high, there may be traces along the underly underneath of the nipple. Can be likened to an inverse T letter.


How long does the breast reduction surgery take?

Breast reduction surgery lasts around 2-3 hours depending on the size of the breasts and surgical techniques applied.


How to perform breast reduction surgery in men?

Breast reduction surgery can also be performed in men. The development of feminine tissue in male patients is called gynecomastia. While gynecomastia is in everyone in puberty, 10-15 percent of patients in later ages become permanent.

  • Various drugs
  • Diet
  • Habits
  • Breast size may occur in men due to diseases.
  • Before deciding on breast reduction surgery in men, the cause of the breast must be put forward first.

When deciding to correct gynecomastia, it should be considered how much skin and tissue excess. The fat tissue is removed by liposuction method, while the hard tissue under the nipple is removed with a small and non -trace incision made in the dark area of ​​the nipple. If the excess skin is too advanced in the breasts, women may need to reduce trace breast as well as breast reduction process.


What should be considered after breast reduction surgery?

It is spent in the hospital in terms of night follow -up after breast reduction surgery and discharge is given the next morning if a problem is not followed.

After breast reduction surgery, heavy exercise should be avoided, but there is no need for a heavy bed rest.

He should lie on his back for 4 weeks after surgery as a hospitalization position and avoid lying on his face, especially early.

Usually the dressings performed during surgery until the first control are not changed.

If there is no obstacle after checking the wound sites, the patient is allowed to take a shower.

Special bras applied after breast reduction surgery should be used for 6-8 weeks.


What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?

As in surgery on each scale, breast reduction has certain risks. Although measures are taken against all of these, unpredictable situations may occur, but the interventions to overcome all of them will be carried out by the surgical team.

The most common risk in the first 24 hours are bleeding to the operation area. This may be approximately 1-2 of every 100 patients. The amount of this bleeding is monitored and if it is foreseen that it will not regress, a short operation is performed with a short operation. This does not affect the ultimate aesthetic condition, but it means operation under additional anesthesia.

The most common complications in the early weeks are wound infections and healing problems in sewing places that may be connected to it. This is more common in the place where the tension is most common, especially when the vertical permit is horizontal.

Since conditions such as diabetes, cigarettes, soft tissue diseases increase the risk of this complication, your pre -operational diabetes and soft tissue disease should be under control and your cigarette consumption should be cut if possible.

This risk is around 2-4 every 100 people. Such situations may need to be sewn with a local process under very rare conditions when gathering with dressings.


What is the price of breast reduction surgery?

One of the most curious issues in breast reduction surgery is the price of “breast reduction surgery”. The procedure, the need for treatment required, the patient’s interventions in the hospital due to health status are decisive in breast reduction surgery. The price policy of the aesthetic surgeon, which performs the hospital and breast reduction surgery, is also important.

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